The Youth Academy for Modern Music is a mobile music teaching company that specialises in the field of instrumental and vocal teaching, either in schools or holiday workshops.

Using our expertise in a wide variety of contemporary musical styles, and with reference to their musical roots, our aim is to equip young musicians with all the necessary tools to succeed in the music industry.
Our courses are designed with technical proficiency in mind, and as a result, the majority of each course’s the focus is placed upon learning the technical aspects of the student’s chosen instrument. However, we also encourage students to take part in our after school live performance workshops, aiding students in their attempts to form bands, and engendering in them an understanding of stagecraft and band dynamics across a wide array of styles.

Furthermore, we cater for those wishing to study some form of music during further/higher education, offering students the invaluable opportunity to work their way through graded exams, earning UCAS points past Grade 5.
In fact, we can go even further than that – If a student wishes to continue their learning to either BA or BMus level, we have a strong working relationship with Tech Music School in London, and can guarantee our students a free audition at the university.

However, whilst grades are undoubtedly important, there is more to mastery of an instrument than passing some exams! Therefore, our own syllabus is in fact broader, with extra elements designed to work alongside the grade system. With this unique approach, we believe that our students gain the widest possible knowledge of not only their own instrument, but also those of the musicians around them.

All of our teachers are university graduates and working musicians with experience and qualifications in teaching.

Our website gives students and parents full access to course material, and our online secure feedback zone enables all parties to regularly evaluate the student’s progress and development.

To see our Child Safety Policy click here.

If you are interested, have a query, or would like to know more about what we have to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email.