Terms and Conditions


  • By signing this application you are confirming that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and that you agree to abide by them.
  • 30 weeks tuition will be delivered to your child during the 38 week academic year (proportionally for students starting during the year) A pro rata credit or refund will be given, on written request, where 33 lessons are not offered. Any adjustments will be made at the end of each Summer Term. Replacement lessons cannot be offered in the event of student sickness or any unauthorised student absence.
  • Where a student misses a lesson due to a voluntary activity (e.g. a school activity or trip) or due to illness or exam leave these missed lessons will count toward the 33 lessons offered. Only lessons missed through teacher absence will be credited to you.
  • Charges are invoiced and payable termly in advance. Where a parent defaults on their payment, The Youth Academy Of Modern Music reserves the right to withdraw from providing lessons.
  • Charges are set by the The Youth Academy For Modern Music and are subject to change at any time.
  • A half term’s written notice to the guitar teacher is required if your child wishes to give up instrumental lessons; this notice is in line with the half term dates published by the school your child attends. During this notice period you will be charged for lessons and those lessons will be available for your child to attend. Where full notice is not given a half term’s charge will be made in lieu of notice.
  • This contract is continuous until the parent gives notice to cease; this includes your child’s changing schools at the end of years 4 and 8. Lessons will continue to be provided at your child’s new school if The Youth Academy For Modern Music provides that school with instrumental tuition.



  • Stringed Instruments cannot be provided for lessons by the guitar teacher. It is the student’s responsibility to arrive at every lesson with a suitable instrument. The guitar teacher will be happy to offer advice in this area.

As a rough guide for beginners a ¾ size acoustic guitar with nylon strings will serve well. Students in year 7 and above often find full size to be a more suitable. Steel strings are generally more difficult to use in the early stages. It will not matter whether a student uses an electric or an acoustic guitar during lessons. The guitar teacher will tune the guitars for each lesson.

Percussive instruments will be provided by the company, students will need to provide “drum sticks” as breakables. The drum teacher will advise on suitable stick sizes. Generally 5A sizes are suitable for all players.



  • In consideration for the provision of lessons, I agree to pay the termly charges as decided by the guitar teacher and understand and accept these charges are subject to change at the sole discretion of The Youth Academy For Modern Music. I shall ensure that payments are made in a timely fashion and in any event within 14 days of request made by The Youth Academy Of Modern Music.
  • I understand and accept that failure to make such payments may result in my child not receiving any further lessons until payment is bought up to date and that the sums outstanding are recoverable as a debt by The Youth Academy For Modern Music.
  • I confirm that I will give half a term’s written notice to The Youth Academy For Modern Musicshould I or my child decide to discontinue lessons or pay one half terms fees in lieu of such notice.